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Garage Door Use In Winter

2015-12-25 19:27:18

During the harder months of the year, weatherize that is, garage doors have the tendency to be used more often. The parts of a garage door are rated for a certain number of cycles, during some times of the year or just your life you may go through those cycles faster than other times. This is of course why the parts are usually rated for a certain number of cycles and estimated for an amount of time. While both of these numbers are estimated cycles can be more definitively calculated while how many cycles you use in a year cannot. In the winter months however you may find that your garage door is frequently opening and closing compared to during months like spring, summer and fall. There are a few reasons for why this might be true and so in this article we will be discussing that. In addition to the increased usage of your garage door during the winter the parts will also be colder causing them to be stiffer and more brittle compared to other times of the year, hence the reason for a large majority of garage door spring breaks happening in winter. It is just a natural change that comes with lower temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

Garage Doors With Windows

2015-12-22 19:25:57

Garage doors and their windows, its a romance as old as time. Or at the very least as old as garage doors, in which case its actually relatively young. Anyway, some people love having windows in their garage and others are not too keen on it. It’s a personal choice that comes with the ability to customize and design your garage door into pretty much anything you want, within reason of course. That customizability however is lost on you as a benefit if you don’t know what you want. Of course half the battle of knowing what you want is also know about what you can have, so in this article we will look at some of the things that you can get from a windowed garage door and some of the reasons that are out there for why not to get a garage door with windows. If you already own a garage door and don’t plan on replacing it anytime soon you can still enjoy the knowledge of whether or not a garage door with windows was or will be the right choice for you some time in the future. For those that are just getting into the process of purchasing a new garage door this will be helpful in making your decision to go with a windowed or windowless garage door for your home.

Home security is always an issue that haunts home owners and parents alike. We live in an age where technology is continually improving to make our homes more secure, but yet we always need to wonder if we are doing enough or if we could do more. With all the new technology out there it is tough to find out what are the necessary security tools for you garage and garage door opener and which are over the top. That is where this article comes in, we have got the low down and the scoop on the technology that your garage can really benefit from. When it comes to home security there are a lot of questions that you may have and you may be the type of person that sees it as a “price is no object” issue, but for most people they don’t have the luxury of that mindset. For those people here are some tips on how to make sure your garage door is a safe as it can be with minimal investments. For everyone else you can hire a personal home security expert and they will surely have your home locked down quite sufficiently in no time at all.

Homes are a symbol for many that means family. Your garage door is just as much a part of that welcoming symbol as the roof, windows or driveway. Another part of what home inevitably means is tied to family. In order then to have a happy home it is important to keep your family safe while they are in the home. While it certainly isn’t the most dangerous place it is still important for your family, and especially your children to stay safe in their home. The garage is often the entrance, exit and hangout for many kids and adults, so we are going to go over some of the safety precautions that your children and you should know about in order to keep your family safe. Garage doors have come a long way since their original invention in terms of safety, but that doesn’t mean that ignorance is bliss. In this article you will get some information and tips on how to keep your family safe from your garage door and the automatic garage door opener. If you have more questions or just feel like you want to become more informed for your own sake then contact a garage door professional near you for some more information on garage door safety.

Garage Door Details

2015-12-07 22:07:19

Garage doors may not be the most defining part of your home, but they can be if you really want. When it comes to looks there are many classic things that a home can shoot for, but one thing that often gets overlooked by those not more experienced is the garage door. A bland garage door with a bland house will look okay, but nobody will really notice it either way if both are bland. However if you want to take your house’s style to the next level there are a few things that you can focus on in order to make sure that your home is the best looking one on the block. If you are building a brand new home, rehabbing an old one or just hoping to “stylize” your current home a bit with a simple touch up the garage door is a great place to start. In this article we will look at why your garage door is the perfect place to focus your remodel and why the garage door is such a great candidate for your time and money. If you are tired of your home just not having the wow factor that you wanted then sit back and learn just a bit about how your garage door can provide that exact factor.

Garages as a Playroom

2015-12-02 11:03:02

Garages make great use of a space that otherwise could easily be just an awkward semi outside space. The main reason that people have and want a garage for their home is for the simple reason that they own cars and want to keep them safe while still easily accessible. Everything after that is really just gravy for most. The garage is a place where you keep your car locked up behind a big garage door and then use a few buttons to practically move a wall around so that you can get in and out without having to leave your car. However the versatility of the garage is something that is really undersold at times. If your garage is not being used to just store cars or you are not filling your garage too the brim with cars, then your garage can be used for nearly anything else. Anything else meaning that with just a few changes your garage can turn from a car storage area to a workshop to your kids’ favorite room in the house. 

Your Garage Door's Parts

2015-11-26 11:31:42

Your garage door opener has a lot of parts to it. When you think about all that your garage door opener does it is actually an astoundingly small amount of machinery for lifting a huge piece of material in a relatively short amount of time, all at the touch of a button. For most however, you probably haven’t thought about that since you were a young kid and maybe your parents let you press the button for your garage door opener. Otherwise it is something that we generally take for granted as a convenience that we almost count on to work in our daily life. In this article we’ll be giving a quick overview of all of the working parts of your garage door and garage door opener so that you can really appreciate just how much it’s all doing. This knowledge should also help you to better stay on top of things like maintenance so that you can know how to pinpoint problem areas more easily. Having a better idea of what your garage door opener is doing is never a bad idea so sit back and soak in just a little bit of information in order to make you a slightly more effective home owner.

Leaving your home for a vacation is supposed to be all about unwinding and relaxing. Your home’s  well being is most likely one of the furthest things from your mind when you are away sipping cocktails on a beach or climbing mountains somewhere. However it sadly does happen that those on vacation are targeted and homes and garages are broken into while home owners are away. In order to combat this there are a few things you can do to keep your garage door secure while on vacation. If you take the time to do just a few precautionary measures when it comes to your home and your garage before heading out on the road or to the airport then you will be able to rest even easier during your vacation knowing that your home is safe and secure. When it comes to security many of us like to put it out of our minds, especially when you are trying to focus on relaxing and connecting with your family, so keep these tips in mind before you next leave home in order to breathe easy and use your vacation to focus on the things that really matter. 

Most home owners when faced with the idea of a new garage door or garage door and garage door opener are astounded by the number of decisions that they are approached with. There are questions like how many cars do you own? That’s a pretty easy one. Carriage style doors or traditional garage doors? That requires a bit more thought. And even questions like jackshaft or chain drive garage door opener? These are all questions you will be faced with and things that you probably haven’t done all too much research on because you have had other things on your mind. If you have already done the research on those questions then good for you, you are ahead of the game. One of the more important decisions you will be making, because of the safety precautions it relates to, is the installation of or springs that come with your garage door. Garage door springs may seem like an otherwise unassuming part just like the rest of your garages parts, but they are truly one of the most important parts of you garage because the integral to its function and can be extremely dangerous to you and your property if overlooked. When it comes to garage door springs there are two different types to choose from really, there are extension springs and torsion springs.

Garage Door Springs

2015-11-02 00:16:24

When you use and rely on something every day to do a simple task it is easy to just assume that it will work no matter what. That is in fact what a lot of us do with our garage doors, although we use them every day we forget that there is a mechanism that allows us to open our garage doors on command every day. How garage doors work is actually quite simple compared to many of the other machines we end up using everyday. The main concepts are a counterbalance on the garage door in order to make it easier to move and then a mechanism to pull or let down the garage door. Now that you know all that I’m sure you don’t need much more knowledge to learn how to design, install and maintain your own garage door opener and system, but if you do want to leave that to the professionals you might want to still know more about those two concepts. To start we will look at the different garage door spring systems there are out there. This is a piece of your garage door that literally does the heavy lifting and so is important to the continued healthy operation of your garage door and the garage door opener.

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