Garages as a Playroom

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Garages make great use of a space that otherwise could easily be just an awkward semi outside space. The main reason that people have and want a garage for their home is for the simple reason that they own cars and want to keep them safe while still easily accessible. Everything after that is really just gravy for most. The garage is a place where you keep your car locked up behind a big garage door and then use a few buttons to practically move a wall around so that you can get in and out without having to leave your car. However the versatility of the garage is something that is really undersold at times. If your garage is not being used to just store cars or you are not filling your garage too the brim with cars, then your garage can be used for nearly anything else. Anything else meaning that with just a few changes your garage can turn from a car storage area to a workshop to your kids’ favorite room in the house. 

If you have young kids or if they are even old or of varying ages you may have thought about giving them their own place in the house to call their own. Having a separate room just for your kids to take care of and play in not their own is often a great way to give them some independence in a safe way that you can keep a hold of. In this article we will look at some of the ways to turn your garage into your kids’ favorite spot and some reasons as to why you might want to do that. Of course there will be some personal parenting opinions in the article but that isn’t to say that they are the best for any family or child. Your individual parenting thoughts and feelings are your own and we’d be glad to hear from you if you have some opinions about a garage made into a play room any time.

The main reason that your garage makes a great play room is because of the space.  Your garage, if it isn’t directly attached to your house, is very close to your home. This means that even when your kids or them and their friends are all alone in a seemingly independent part of the house they are still no more than a yell or a few steps away. This lets you keep an eye on them and keeps them safe without making them feel like you are looking over their shoulder at every second. The amount of space is also great for the variety of games that they might want to play. Nearly any type of equipment will fit into your garage if you have moved the cars or have another place to put them which means that your kids can get up to pretty much anything in the garage. The space also most likely has nothing fragile or otherwise easily ruined making it the perfect spot for kids to make their own and treat like their own. 

The garage is also great because it is not usually a part of your home that visitors are seeing, but at the same time it is very easy to clean. This makes it a perfect room for your kids to take care of keeping neat if you trust them with it. Cleaning can be done in their own time as easily as opening up the garage door and doing a bit of sweeping. This can teach them to take a bit of ownership of a part of the house and teach them to take the initiative to clean it when they feel that it needs to be cleaned. Hopefully that is more often than once a year, but they shouldn’t be able to do too much damage clutter wise to a garage.

The garage door is another great asset for a play room because of the size of the opening it provides. Having that large of an opening means that it can be a soccer goal, an end zone and more. That big of an opening also means that if they aren’t the physical sports type of kids that you can easily bring in things like an air hockey table, ping pong table and more. If your garage door is insulated that also means that not only will your children be able to use the room all year round, but that they won’t have to be bothering you or the neighbors while they do. With the garage door’s noise reduction and the fact that there is most likely a well insulated wall between your garage and the rest of your house, you will get a bit more peace and quiet in your home with your kids moving their adventures to the semi outdoors.

Giving a kid or kids a place to call their own can be a great way to foster a little bit of independence. When that “place of their own” is easily checked on, virtually kid proof and easy to clean it makes it all the better and easier on you. If you have never thought about changing your garage from a car storage area to a “kid storage area” then you may want to think about the pros and cons of the decision. If you are seriously thinking about doing so you will want to find another place to put your cars if you have them, and want to make sure that the garage to play room solution works for you. Make sure that your garage area is safe ventilation wise and make sure that your garage door opener is out of their reach if they are younger. You may also want to look at getting some after market insulation for your garage door if you think that the temperatures or noise may just be too much for you or your children.

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