Garage Doors With Windows

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Garage doors and their windows, its a romance as old as time. Or at the very least as old as garage doors, in which case its actually relatively young. Anyway, some people love having windows in their garage and others are not too keen on it. It’s a personal choice that comes with the ability to customize and design your garage door into pretty much anything you want, within reason of course. That customizability however is lost on you as a benefit if you don’t know what you want. Of course half the battle of knowing what you want is also know about what you can have, so in this article we will look at some of the things that you can get from a windowed garage door and some of the reasons that are out there for why not to get a garage door with windows. If you already own a garage door and don’t plan on replacing it anytime soon you can still enjoy the knowledge of whether or not a garage door with windows was or will be the right choice for you some time in the future. For those that are just getting into the process of purchasing a new garage door this will be helpful in making your decision to go with a windowed or windowless garage door for your home.

Windowed garage doors really have two main benefits. They are mainly aesthetic, but because garage doors are such a big part of your home’s exterior that aesthetics for your garage door are extremely important. One big benefit of your garage door having windows is simply the fact that it often matches the aesthetic of your home better that way. Windows can make the garage door look more cohesive with the rest of the home and so really help your house stand out and look its best by bringing all of the elements together. If you have similar shapes and cuts of glass your garage door can really look more like an extension of your home and your garage door might even be the talk of the neighborhood. Another way that windowed garage doors can be great is just the light that they let into your garage. Garages are notoriously dark and somewhat dingy so having a little more light come into them is never a bad idea. If you are using the room for more than car storage you will definitely feel the effects of having more than just one or two windows in your garage. This allows you to still get some natural outside light without having to fully open your garage door. Natural light can be good in a garage for everything from growing a small indoor garden to having a full-time bedroom in your garage. If you live in an especially cold climate it can even provide a small amount of warmth. Obviously having a few windows in your garage is not the worst idea in the world. There are some definite upsides, but there are also downsides.

We will go through some of those downsides here. There are actually quite a few disadvantages to having windows in your garage door, but for decision making purposes it is really all about how much weight you put on these advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage of having a garage door with windows is that from a security aspect windows can be a problem. The glass in your windows, however strong it may be, will not be as strong as the material that the rest of your garage door is made out of. Breaking into your garage will be slightly easier with windows, but also the windows in your garage will most likely be relatively small making the risk quite small as well. Another disadvantage of having a garage door with windows is the fact that more heat or cold air will escape through them. While in cooler months you may make out okay with the sun heating things up on the inside in hotter months you will lose a small amount of the cool air in your garage to the outdoors faster because you have a garage door with windows. It is a relatively small amount and also depends on the insulation around your windows, but some escaping cool air is inevitable. Another disadvantage is that garage doors with windows are simply more expensive. This one is pretty self explanatory, but putting windows into a garage door simply requires more work and so is going to cost more than your average garage door of a similar value.

Choosing a garage door isn’t really too tough. Typically you would just look at a few designs talk to your garage door professional about what they may recommend and then you make a decision based on their input and a little research on your own. Knowing a bit about whether a garage door with windows can make one of the questions in the whole process a lot easier as you read through and see which types of things you might want for your current or future garage door. All you need to think about is if you are willing to pick up the extra cost and security risk in order to enjoy some natural sunlight in your garage and have your home look more cohesive. So if you are in the process of ordering a new garage door to be installed take a moment to just think on those bits of information.

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