Garage Door Use In Winter

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During the harder months of the year, weatherize that is, garage doors have the tendency to be used more often. The parts of a garage door are rated for a certain number of cycles, during some times of the year or just your life you may go through those cycles faster than other times. This is of course why the parts are usually rated for a certain number of cycles and estimated for an amount of time. While both of these numbers are estimated cycles can be more definitively calculated while how many cycles you use in a year cannot. In the winter months however you may find that your garage door is frequently opening and closing compared to during months like spring, summer and fall. There are a few reasons for why this might be true and so in this article we will be discussing that. In addition to the increased usage of your garage door during the winter the parts will also be colder causing them to be stiffer and more brittle compared to other times of the year, hence the reason for a large majority of garage door spring breaks happening in winter. It is just a natural change that comes with lower temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

One reason that you may end up using your garage door more often in the winter is because during the winter, as the season would suggest, things get colder. When things get colder you don’t want the discomfort of walking to places you may have tried to walk to during the warmer months. You also want to spend as little time between your car and your garage as possible because of that cold. This means that those few steps from your door to your car’s door are going to be the obvious choice for those who might have another car parked outside of their garage door or something similar. The decision to use your garage door more often than not is simply a comfort thing. When given the option of comfort or a slight chill even most of us will pick comfort every time. The thing is that your garage door is meant to provide that comfort by keeping out the cold and letting you enjoy the warmth of your car and your home for as long as possible. This is one of the reasons we use our garage doors everyday, and nobody is faulting you on that.

Another reason that you will be more inclined to use your garage door during the winter is because of one of the things that happens during the winter more than any other season. During the winter you are more likely to find snow on the ground obviously. For many snow is what really characterizes winter as winter. Depending on the year and where you live the amount of snow you get will vary of course. When there is a foot of snow out your door and it’s tough to get to the driveway or side walk yo are most likely going to opt for the much easier snow free journey to your car. If you even decide to not shovel your snow at all you can get by in some cases with just using your car to pack down the drive way and park in the garage until it all melts away. Depending on where you live and the type of snowfall you get this very well may be your plan of attack this winter. What that means though is that you will most likely be opening your garage door more than usual. Walking to the end of your driveway for the mail might involve opening your garage door instead of taking the snow covered walkway. This sort of thing will crop up in a number of ways, and the easiest thing to do will most often be to just use your garage door instead of your front door. While it can be slightly dangerous to leave walkways snow and ice filled there is no denying that shoveling your snow can be tough and taxing.

Finally the last of today’s reasons for why you will end up using your garage door more than usual during the winter is because frankly it is just cold. We all know that your garage door provides a great deal of insulation when it is closed compared to when it is open and so obviously you will be wanting to have your garage door closed as often as possible. This will translate into a warmer household and lower energy bills, both of which we can assume you would enjoy. That is why you may find yourself closing the garage door in between tasks or errands that you might not normally find yourself being so particular about. The lower temperatures will most likely have you thinking about just how warm it is inside your house and how you would really love to keep it that way.

There you have it, garage doors will inevitably be used more often during the winter than during the other months, especially fall and spring. Whether it’s because of all that snow, the cold weather or just bit of your winter laziness it is just bound to happen. The great part is that pretty much everyone does it and there is really no shame in it. One problem however is that during this time of year garage door parts, especially your garage door springs are more prone to breakage. While this may cause you to worry there is no reason to change your habits really because then you wouldn’t be benefitting from your garage door much at all. In the end if one of your garage door parts or garage door springs does end up breaking the inconvenience shouldn’t be too outrageous if you make sure to call a garage door specialist as soon as it happens. They should hopefully be able to get your garage door opening again the same or the next day.

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